Aloha Card Reprint


In the Press shop the last days of production of the April issue of Hinduism Today are still underway. Periodically we print other items on the same sheet as the cover of Hinduism Today as the cost for 4-color printing on quality paper when we do it this way is incredibly low. In the printing business its called a “gang job” where you “gang up” many different items on the same sheet of paper.

We frequently do charity jobs for our local county as it Gurudeva set a pattern for the monastery to contribute to the local community from behind the scenes.

One of these initative’s he started years ago was the “Aloha Card” which has become a key tool for our county tourism marketing of the island of Kauai.


We have printed 100’s of thousands of this little card over the past 15 years and it continues. The Mayor’s office recently ran out and we are doing a reprint.


This card will end up in the hands of people all over the world as it is given out here on Kauai through numerous channels and also distributed as far away as in Tokyo when Kauai representativeS go there to help promote tourism to our little paradise in the middle of the Pacific.

We will be printing about 180,000 of these next month. That should last a while!



Kindness, expressed with tenderness.
Unity, expressed with harmony.
Agreeable, expressed with pleasantness.
Humility, expressed with modesty.
Patience, expressed with perseverance.

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