Spontaneous Iraivan tour with Paramacharya Palaniswami

Paramacharya Palaniswami spontaneously gave a very special tour of Iraivan to local guests and other visitors during the cement roof pour. A sweet deva and new resident of Kauai, four year old daughter of Anastasia and Bruce Allyn, dances about Iraivan Temple.

Sadhaka Haranandinatha explains details of Iraivan to local guests.

Bramacharini Shama Kumaran brings another group of guests out to see the temple. Originally from Gurjurat, India the are awed by the wonders of Iraivan.

Paramacharya Palaniswami explains the beautifully carved pillars come as large raw stones from the granite quarry near Bangalore.

Chidambaram Stapathi and the silpis patiently stop work while all of the guests walk on the newly place floor stones admiring their fine craftsmanship.

Bruce and Anastasia Allyn came to Kauai on vacation from London with their two young daughters. As many do, they fell in love and now are building a Vastu style home in Moloa'a, north of Kapaa. Anastasia is very devout and brings the children regularly to the temple. They are gradually learning all about temple protocol and worship. The children are bilingual speaking Russian and English. Their father, Bruce, is a building and economy consultant traveling internationally. They enjoyed their first tour of Iraivan, a special retreat day tour on this historical occasion.

Palaniswami explains the unique qualities of the black granite chain carved from a single stone.

All listen intently as Paramacharya explains how the stones are magically held together without cement or rebar by the carved peg like outcropping the fits into a carved hole in each stone. Each stone is numbered and placed according to the master plan designed by the Stapathis in India.

It was a joyous festive day and all enjoyed Paramacharya's uplifting presence and educational sharing.

The temple is made according to ancient tradition. The stone is alive and is reverently carved entirely by hammer and chisel.

Palaniswami explains that the hammer"s handle is made with a special variety of bamboo which is solid and absorbs the shock of the constant battering. This unique design protects the wrists and arms of the craftsmen.

The silpis work on the East handrail.

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