Guests and Pilgrims

Paramacharya Palaniswami’s mother Jean and brother Larry are visiting us for a week.

Here he shows them some of the various projects he’s working on in our publications/media world.

It’s always a blessing to have our mothers’ blessings!

Larry has been also a student of Gurudeva’s teachings for many years.

Visitors yesterday included Rishi and Shradha Bhutada from Houston, Texas. They attended the morning puja in Kadavul Temple, then toured the Iraivan Temple, and subsequently visited the offices of Himalayan Academy and Hinduism Today. Rishi had previously written a wonderful article regarding Hindu youth for Hinduism Today magazine.

Wisweswaran Chittibabu arrived with his wife, Vani, and two sons, Anuraag (10) and Shrey (4). This lovely family is originally from Chennai and they now live in Santa Clara, CA. Anuraag is continuing his study of the Tamil language.

No Responses to “Guests and Pilgrims”

  1. Padmaja says:

    Thank you Amma,for your blessings and gift of this divine soul to all of us, my heartfelt pranam to you. Matru devo bahah. Aum Sivaya.

  2. Eassan says:

    Greatest moment ever for Paramacharya Palaniswami and the whole group of monks!!
    When a child wants the sannyasin lifestyle, parents must really encourage this great wish!

  3. Amma Debora says:

    What a lovely Amma and brother, dear Palaniswami! I can see now that the energy I see in Palaniswami┬┤s eyes came first from his AMMA┬┤s energy, then was blessed and enhanced a thousand times by his faith. My best wishes to you all, and enjoy this blessed week! Amma Debora

  4. Nalini says:

    How wonderful to see Palaniswami’s Amma and brother.
    What a blessing for a Amma to bring such high souls into incarnation.
    Thank you Amma!

    Aum Sivaya.

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