Praise for Hinduism Today Video From Brasil

Andre Garzia from Brasil has been a long time software collaborator, working with the monk on our web site, may of the wonderful things you see here have his brilliant working behind them. Here he offers some thoughts about what he sees coming out of the end of this delivery channel that he works so hard to help us keep moving forward:

Aloha to the Swamis from Brasil!

I’ve just watched the video summary for the apr/may/jun 09 issue of Hinduism Today and I must say both as a film school graduate and as someone who has studied journalism that the video is astounding (I’ve learned this word just to put it here). I think the new media initiatives and techniques been used in our current multimedia productions are state of the art. Just by watching the video I feel very good and proud of being able to help a little with all our work.

The video quality is pristine. I always knew that you all made one of the most professional magazines and books I’ve ever saw (and after 9 years in the media school, I’ve seen plenty of them), now, I believe we’re reaching the same quality of work with the videos. They are not only technically beautiful but their content is amazing, powerful and we can simply see truth in it. I’ve also just watched the latest video on TAKA (nice work with the camera focus!!!). I can repeat myself saying, it’s an amazing resource.

This is not unexpected and after seeing the new videos, I am smiling from ear to ear because in these last five years [that he has been working on our projects] I’ve come to understand that when you put real devotion and real love in your labour, you can accomplish the most amazing things.

Please congratulate everyone there!!!

Om shanti,


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  1. Sheela says:

    One-hundred percent in agreement with Andre! What is possible with love, devotion and focus is there for all to see! Way to go, Swamis!! We love you and all that you do! Aum AUM

  2. Amma Debora says:

    How nice to hear from Andre, whom I´ve met at the Monastery May 2008… Sweet Andre, sweet words, sweet thoughts!

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