New Phase Begins – With "Sweet, Sweet Smile"

A devotee offers this poem to Bodhinatha during Guru Purnima:

O, your smile!
That sweet, sweet smile
So gentle and kind
So gracious and benevolent!

The softness of your presence
Is a balm for hurt and pain
The quietness of your strength
A support during troubled times
The depth of your silence
Lights the way through the darkness
And your smile
That sweet, sweet smile
Is a beacon to Source!

O, your smile!
Is a reminder of that childlike state
Where Simplicity reigns
And Innocence dances
In whom they call Bholenath
In whom we call Bodhinatha!

My loving offering to you on Guru Purnima, with koti, koti namaskarams and immense gratitude… Jai Gurunatha Jai!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Saravananathswami performs today’s Sun One homa

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