Innersearch is on the horizon

The monks are working on the application for next year's Innersearch Kauai, a ten-day inner and outer adventure from June 12 to 21, 2010. Reminded us of the 2001 European Innersearch aboard the garguantuan MS Amsterdam. Here Gurudeva asks the captain to step aside for a moment while he takes the helm of the 69,000-ton vessel.

During dinner that night some pirates boarded and tried to steal Gurudeva's peach ice cream, but the crew thwarted the theft. Clearly, Gurudeva was not to be intimidated. Those interested in next year's Innersearch Travel-Study Program can stayed tuned to TAKA, where in the weeks ahead a formal announcement will be made.

The parents and brother of Sadhaka Nandinatha continue their discoveries of Kauai. Here they are visiting the bird park in Kilauea.

And the famed lighthouse.

Rishi Thondunathan asked for a poster of the monks to take back to Kopay, Sri Lanka next month, and the Ganapati Kulam designed this one, which in its real size is three by four feet.

Our gifted artisans from India take a day off and visit the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

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