Bodhinatha is Back

It is Sun Five at the Aadheenam. Bodhinatha is back and resting before taking up the many communications and work that he does guiding along the mission of the Kailasa Parampara and developing teachings when he is here at the Aadheenam.

He said that the journey to Malaysia was uplifting and commented that we have a new young inspired generation of 18-25 year olds coming up in Malaysia who have an interest in the teachings.

Two members in Malaysia took significants steps on the Saiva Neri. Our dear sister Brahmacharini Gowri Nadason received her Vishesha Diksha initiation from Bodhinatha, making her a full Diksha Sishya in our fellowship. This is an important stage in spiritual life when the devotee comes into a deeper relationship with God Siva through the inner process of kriya yoga that unfolds through daily puja and worship.

And young Puventhiran took his Arul Sishya vrata vows, being one of the first of our young teenagers who have reached the age of 18, who, having been children of members, now step up on their own volition, to become sishya of the parampara on their own two feet, so to speak, instead of just being under their parents wings.

At home here, our visitor traffic has slowed a bit as everyone has now gone back to work for the fall quarter, bringing vacation travels to an end. All the monks are busy as bees in the sublime atmosphere here.

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