Thirty-fourth Anniversary of San Marga Vision

Sun Four was an auspicious day at the Aadheenam because we celebrated the 34th anniversary of Gurudeva’s vision upon which followed the founding of San Marga and Iraivan temple.

Everyone went out to the Swayambhu Lingam in the dark this morning to celebrate with a quiet profound early morning puja. Here we are after the sun has come up.

We have come a long way since that day of destiny in 1975! Jai Gurudeva! Jai Mahadeva!

Sri Lankan/Australian Pilgrims

Dr. Yoganathan and his wife Shylaja are here visiting from Melbourne, Australia. Both are originally from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Dr. Yoganathan remembers visiting St. Yoga Swami as a boy and states that he was named after this great Sat Guru.

Both attended Sat Guru Bodhinatha’s presentation and talk regarding Sage Yogaswami’s 45th Year Celebration in Keysborough, Melbourne on February 17th recently and then were blessed to meet with Bodhinatha afterwards.

Hindu Heritage Endowment Goes To Mauritius

Gold Crest Hotel, Quatre Bornes
April 11, 2008

Estate Planning for Families Photo of Bodhinatha

Hindu Heritage Endowment is sponsoring a two-hour educational seminar on the key elements of successful estate planning for families based on its Estate Planning Tool Kit booklet. Hinduism Today publisher Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami will open the seminar with a presentation on the spiritual dimensions of planning your financial future. The chief guest speaker is Manogaran Mardemootoo, CSK, Senior Attorney. Learn about estate planning as it applies to the country of Mauritius. No financial products will be promoted. The seminar location is the Gold Crest Hotel on Royal Road, Quatre Bornes to be held on Saturday, April 11, 2008 at 5:30PM. Space is limited so please sign up early for this free seminar. Please RSVP with your name and the number in your party. RSVP…

Estate Planning Toolkit Estate Toolkit

This toolkit also offers a practical guide to many non-legal issues including your wishes regarding final arrangements, and a list of where important documents are kept. The Hindu Heritage Endowment wants you and all its donors to have effective estate plans: Wills and/or Trusts that are properly worded, signed, witnessed, and not contradicted by other binding arrangements you may have made and practical instructions from you that will help your family get through a difficult time.

Download here…

More photos from Bodhinatha's Australia visit

Sydney Murugan Temple February 15, 2009. Bodhinatha has come to take part in the annual Youth Day and hopefully to inspire greater participation in the Youth group. His advice to the leaders of the group is to plan more fun activities to supplement the existing karma yoga and educational programs at the temple.

Members of Sydney Murugan Youth Circle welcoming Bodhinathaswami. The Youth Circle has been responsible for running the temple Resource Centre library. They've also organized the annual Poongavanam festival for the past eight years.

Aileen and Inder Mirchandani (center in photo with Palendira family), vacationing in Australia from Honolulu, have come to be with Bodhinatha this morning.

Opening the Youth Day event with a Carnatic vocal performance.

Bodhinatha giving his presentation "Insights into Temple Worship". Every participant has been given a copy of the Home Puja booklet which shows how to do a simple Ganesha puja. Bodhinatha explains that knowing how to do a puja can bring a whole new level of appreciation for the puja done by the priests in the temple. Similarly, having some training in Bharata Natyam will help someone appreciate the subtleties of a dance performance more.

Quite a few teenagers have come for the event.

Youth co-ordinator giving an outline of Youth Circle activities including the upcoming Poongavanam festival.

Youth staging a skit. For more about the Sydney Murugan Youth Circle see:

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