New Phase Begins

Our phase began with homa today, Paramacharya Palaniswami presiding.

Palaniswami gave an overview of Bodhinatha’s reception in India and continued today with his theme on the confluence of science with Saiva Siddhanta. As scientists continue to investigate the nature of things they are coming to some core realizations: there is no separability between things; time does not always go from past to future, consciousness affects nature; the apparently inert universe is aware of us.

2 Responses to “New Phase Begins”

  1. Skanda says:

    Divine Paramachariya Palaniswami . . . may God Siva bless you always!!
    Your devotion is inspiring as the endless sages!!!

  2. Kejiou.T.S says:

    “Man is not man…man is God”
    We honor your divine wisdom Paramacharya Palaniswami…AUM

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