Bodhinatha in Haridwar, Bathing in the Ganges

Bodhinatha is in transit in Tamil Nadu and moving into the southern pilgrimage part of the trip, visiting temples there. Sadhaka Nandinatha was able send some photos while they were connected in Delhi.

Here we have fifteen shots from the bathing day of Ram Navami and another 100 photos to come in a slide show of this event later.

Walking to the ghats….

There are hundreds of thousands of people here. Being Ram Navami, this particular is held in high regard by many.

Many shrines and temples line the ghats. Some of them are actually in the water.

With so many devout Hindus offering their prayers amidst the clanging of temple bells, loudspeaker-broadcast mantras chanted by pandits, the presence of thousands of sadhus, one feels especially close to the Divine.

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