"Descendants" Film Crew Uses Rudraksha Forest

‘The Descendants,’ based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings starring George Clooney is filming on Kauai and Oahu. The second unit film crew spent a couple hours in the rudraksha forest to capture a nature scene for the movie. There will actually only be 10 seconds in the movie, but the crew set up early and waited patiently all afternoon until the setting sun was just perfect. The director, confirms the lighting is now perfect.

Yoginathaswami looks through the camera. He said later that he never saw the forest looking so beautiful as it did through the camera.

Yoginathaswami and Tracey, the director.

Amazing… 10 people and all this equipment for what will be ten seconds in the final movie

The footage is part of the nature scenes which depict the beauty and sacredness of some land inherited by the star of the show.

The main actor has an awakening of sorts in his journey through life and comes to see the land of his fore-fathers as more than just a piece of real-estate to cash in on. Indeed, this Rudraksha grove fits that description! If the rest of the movie bears the beauty of these 10 seconds it should be a great show!

One Response to “"Descendants" Film Crew Uses Rudraksha Forest”

  1. Nalini G says:

    Super cool! I love George Clooney!
    Great actor!
    Wow rudraksha on the big screen, what could be cooler then that!1 LOL!

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