Master Course Student Immersion

Riccardo Morano, who is studying the Master Course and considering becoming a Hindu and possibly a monk one day, had little direct experience of our Saiva culture. He lives in upstate New York and we arranged for him to go to Toronto and spend a weekend with the Tamil community there and worship at the Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Kovil (Ganesha temple) managed by the Sri Lankan community.

Well, his prarabdha karmas were such that he ended up staying with the two priests from Pillaiyarpatti in the priest’s house. Something we had not planned. Here is Riccardo helping carry Ganesha during the weekly Friday “Vasanda Mandavam Puja.”

Riccardo with the priest Kumaran and Vignesh Markandu who helped facilitate his visit. A short but needed and intensive experience of Saivism.

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  1. Ushadevi says:

    Jai Ganesha! What an incredible start! Jai to the Sri Lankan community who share the highest form of love and devotion wherever they are. Gratitude, joy and bliss.

  2. adi sankara says:

    Aum…Jai Ganesha!!! We are sure Riccardo will be fully involved in the Saiva Neri and one day will be a monk in our wonderful Nandinatha Sampradaya….AUM

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