Innersearch Day 4

The second full day at Camp Sloggett was wonderful. We all felt completed disconnected from the bhuloka. It was as if we were transported to another realm far away from the world.

The morning started with Hatha yoga with Acharya Kumarswami.

Then another in-depth classed on Vedanta and Siddhanta with Bodhinatha.

Before lunch we had our traditional innersearch photo with all participants and our banner.

It was a joyful time. Here we catch the Patel family, Mrunal, Padma and their daughter Pooja. All of them are advancing rapidly through the Master Course study as a family.

We had a very special and unusual cultural performance. Master story teller and powerful chanter of Hawaiian songs, Kumu Hula Mauli Ola Cook, regaled us with a mesmerizing rendition of the history of the Hawaiian people and the legend of Goddess Pele.

Kumu Mauli has dedicated her life to bringing the culture of Hula and Hawaiian studies to school children.

Her dramatic story of the history of the Hawaiian people all the way through to the fall of the Hawaiian traditions was both informative and captivating.

She subsequently told the group that there has been a resurgence of Hawaii culture and immersion schools (where they speak Hawaiian language) are flourishing.

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