Last Phase Tour

Last week, while the innersearch was up in Kokee, we had a smaller intimate group for our weekly tour. We were all drenched but happy!

With this tour was a remarkable little girl named Tara. Her questions and presence was beyond her years. We couldn’t help feeling a strong connection to her and her father. She loved every inch of Kauai Aadheenam told us she can’t wait to grow up so she can move to Kauai!

Her father told us that some time ago Tara told him that her real father is Shiva. He told us that he was in Sri Lanka at the same time we were on innersearch in India and Sri Lanka with Gurudeva in December1980/1981.

Today the gates opened again to our Public Tour guests. With the Summer holidays upon us we are expecting many “little people”.

A guest told us today that she felt she was in “Pandora” (the land of Avatar) “but this is real!” Here is a cluster of the King of Siam.

A double Anthurium!

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