Teaching Yamas and Niyamas in Malaysia

Brahmacharini Gowri Nadason writes from Malaysia:

Prostrations to the Holy Feet of Lord Ganesha and our
Beloved Satgurudeva

Om Sivaya Bodhinatha
The students classes in the Klang Kampong Jaya Secondary school was started in May 2010. The total number of students is about 120 of them. The school teacher by the name of Tamil Selvi persuaded the Principal of the school to allow to conduct moral values to the Hindu children. It was a blessing to be with all the students.

The moral teaching is the subject based on Hinduism’s code of conduct -- The Yamas and Niyamas.

The presentation was shown on a huge screen and the students from age 13 to 14 enjoy mastering them. This teaching aid prepared by our monks was very useful and helpful. Being in 3 Levels, it is simply and clear to the students to understand and grasp the values. So far we have completed Yamas 1 through 7. Thank you very much for the wonderful support Satguru.

(You can download this presentation for use to show children in your area or at home on your computer. Click here to download the version for your system)

Another class is conducted at the Klang Subramaniam temple in Teluk Pillai. About 25 students from age 8 to 15 are attending the Sunday classes conducted by Mrs. Devi Selvadurai Subramaniam and myself.

I am focusing on the Yamas and Niyamas using the same presentation prepared by our monks. Attached are some pictures taken during the class. The children are practicing their stage play depicting 5 Yamas by 5 groups of children for the coming Navaratri festival.

Nandri Satguru.

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