Sun Three

The Siddhidata Kulam gave their news today. Yoginathaswami has been very much focused on the second course of the Nandi Mandapam. The jointing is nearly complete, having made the levels and fitting just perfect, the silpis are ready to mortar it permanently in place.

The rest of the team has been working on upgrading our office containers: pressure washing and painting both the Siddhidata Kulam and Ganapati Kulam annex.

Yoginathaswami also watched closely and assisted the metal works who drilled holes into the archway in preparation for hanging the coming new gate.

You can see the two holes on one side. It looks simple: but let us assure you drilling holes in granite in the exact correct spot is a job!

Kadavul Maha Ganapati Brinjal Alankaram

In Kadavul Hindu Temple, Lord Ganesha receives a 3 AM abhishegam each day without fail. Today, which was chaturthi on the lunar calendar, His pujari offered strung white eggplant from the monastery’s organic garden, seeking the Lord’s grace by offering that which has abundant prana, allowing His darshan to flow forth all the more.

Plus, He just likes food (smile).

Rainbow Waterfall

Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami returned today, diving into the completion of the January issue of Hinduism Today, the archway gate completion and more. They brought back this delightful painting. It is Siva and Gurudeva, Kauai and Wailua, complete with the most creative rainbow waterfall cascading down the face of Mount Waialeale. It is the work of Chudika Mahadevan, and in case you can't read the ribbons, they say "Life is meant to be lived joyously" and "Everything that is happening is good. Everything that is happening is meant to be."

Click here to download a large copy for your desk top (690K)

Puakenekeni Mandapam Tile Finished

Jonathan Anderson has been working for several days on the installation of the quartzite. It was a challenging job because it required a seven-inch slope from back to front ensure drainage.

He finished today.

Jonathan has been doing a beautiful job and has some hidden artistic talent as his tile work is very special. He send a big aloha and thank you to his mentor and teacher Kulapati Satya Palani who gave him a few days lessons before he went to work on his own.

This little hall sees 1000s each year. The new cauldron for burning your Vasana Daha Tantra garbage will be in the center.

This “All About Kauai’s Hindu Monastery” display is in important feature. We have hundreds of people arriving early or after hours when the property is closed. It is not uncommon to find them here reading the poster, which includes the entire booklet by the same name.

Promoting Natchinthanai in Jaffna schools

One of the greatest saints that has lived in the last century is Yogaswami of Jaffna. Yogaswami was famous for creating over 3000 devotional verses, often praising god Siva and Nallur Murugan. These songs are rich in Saiva philosophy and morals -- all sung in beautiful Jaffna Tamil.

Sivathondan Nilayam (an organization founded by Yogaswami) published a book called Natchinthanai, Collection of These Songs (Good Thoughts).

During my recent visit to Sri Lanka, several schools from Jaffna invited me to give a talk to the students.

Elders from the Sivathondan Nilayam accompanied me to these talks. In the beginning, we spoke about Yogaswami to the children, and elders sang Natchinthanai and children repeated the songs.

This is something new: promoting Yogaswami’s songs in the public schools!

These Natchinthanai sessions went on for 30 minutes and after that I gave my talk. Here the elders of the Sivathondan Nilayam present Natchinthanai books to the school

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