Sadhu Paksha Day Two

Sadhu Paksha

“Believe in God; Believe in Him with perfect trust. Consider Him as sweeter than the sweetest of earthly joys. Ponder that He is the incomparable One. Reflect on His glory night and day and at all times. Let the constant remembrance of Him fill the interstices of your being. Meditate that, “I am naught--He alone Is.” Let the worship of God be the goal of your life. Whatsoever you think, that you become. Cherish the Lord in the recess of your heart. Everything, everywhere is subject to His Will. Ultimately it will be seen that he is All in All.” Yogaswami

Day Two

“SivaPeruman is the non-dual Reality. I glory in contemplating that He and I are inseparably linked in Oneness. Whatever one yearns for, that he becomes. Therefore meditate that Thou and He are in unison. Then shall all thy acts pulsate as His acts. The Supreme Reality Is He. He is immanent everywhere. The One has assumed many forms. He is beyond birth and death, transcending time and timelessness; He is eternal, and ever unchanging. The perfection of Truth illumines All. ” Yogaswami

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  1. Chandra Hoezoo says:

    Siva Siva! Very profound and deeply touching…and certainly helps me to meditate better. Thank you very much. I needed it!

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