Pilgrims Meet Bodhinatha

Mr and Mrs Radhakrishnan from Connecticut, USA, had darshan with Bodhinatha this morning. They love attending temples, chanting Sri Rudram and other chants, meditating, Tirumantiram and Tirukural. He loves to use our website resources. The other day he was asked to give a talk about Hinduism and he prefaced it with parts 1-2 of Bodhinatha’s 5-part Hinduism overview video on our youtube channel.

Mr and Mrs Balasunderam visiting from Toronto. Originally from Sri Lanka, he recalls meeting Satguru Yogaswami five times as a young boy.

Sadhu Paksha Day Ten

Yogaswami’s wrote powerful spiritual letters to his devotees.

Here are two to a young man, Yogendra:


Letter to Self who is Yogendra full of Love.

I am with you and you are with me. You are myself and I am you. What is it you fear? Look! I am you. Then what would you do? You must feel and show love. To whom? To everyone. In fact your nature is nothing but love. It is not only yourself, but the whole universe which is overflowing with love.

Yet it is not any other, because you are the only one in existence. You are all things. Study well. Be obedient. Listen to and follow the advice of your father, mother elder sisters, younger brother, as well as your uncle, aunt and elder brothers. Always set an example in obedience.

Siva does all

I am you.



Look: everything is Sivamayam. Then who are you? Who am I? Who is your father? Who are they, and what are all others? Are they not all Sivam? Are you still in doubt? Do you fear? Look! I in you, and you in me, and all being ONE and ONE being all, remain changeless as ever before. Arise, know more and more.

All is well, all is well, all is well.


The birthless and deathless one.


Photos from Thanjavur

These photos of Thanjavur Brihadeeswara Temple abhishekam were shared by Tiru Sambandan Umamaheswaran of Singapore

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