Post Sadhu Paksha Tour Day

After the weekly tour if Bodhinatha is available he will go to the Minimela to sign books and chat with our guests.

Here he is, after yesterday’s tour, blessing one of eleven Aadheenam grown Rudraksha malas one of our inspired guests purchased for their family back on the mainland. It just might be a record for a single sale of Rudraksha Malas to one individual!

These are lovingly prepared by the Wailua Mission members and the proceeds go to the Iraivan Temple Building Fund.

Big demand built up over Sadhu Paksha created a large group for our weekly tour. Front and second from left stands our own Jiva Rajasankara

Here Jiva explains that they sharpen about 3,000 chisels a day at the Iraivan worksite! Guests were able to get answers to every conceivable question about the construction of Iraivan. How wonderful to have Jiva here!

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