Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami arrives in Mauritius

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami just landed in Mauritius today. Welcome to Mauritius Beloved Bodhinatha!

Bodhinatha, Acharya and Sadhaka leaving the airport from the VIP lounge.

Bodhinatha walks to a shady spot to meet devotees who have come to greet the Guru. Everyone with flowers and garlands in their hands, was happily chanting to welcome Bodhinatha.

The first meeting with the sishyas.

Acharya Arumugaswami is visiting Mauritius for the first time. Welcome Acharya!

This part of the airport parking was suddenly filled with devotional songs….

Sadhaka Nandinatha is on his first visit too…

From the airport Bodhinatha paid a courtesy visit to the Chinmaya Mission of Mauritius, situated in the centre of the island.

Bodhinatha is invited to do the arati to the huge Sivalingam which is in the main sanctum of the temple.

The Chinmaya Mission Ashram looks very nice looking and everyone is impressed by its serene and cool atmosphere inside its Mandapam.

Bodhinatha and Acharya looking at a seven tier stone lamp carved in Kerala

Swami Pranavananda, Head of the Chinmaya Mission in Mauritius says farewell to Bodhinatha, inviting Satguru to come again to the Ashram. It has been a very nice courtesy visit.

Tour Day March 10th, 2010

Today’s tour group enjoyed the grounds and listened intently as they learned about Gurudeva’s mission, Kauia Aadheenam, the monks that live in paradise and the basics of Hinduism.

The beautiful jade plants are in full bloom.

Approximately 80 visitors came despite the rain to see the marvel of Iriavan Temple.

Paramacharya Palaniswami gave a private tour to the visiting writer for a gardening magazine from MN while many other guests listened in.

Shilpi Kanan demonstrates the intricacies of stone carving using a variety of chisels.

A young couple, Barath and Priyanka, originally from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and now residing in Austin Texas enjoyed the tour recommended by their colleges who had visited recently. They have been married for two years and are enjoying a second honeymoon on the Garden Island.

Kulamata Savitri Palani is visiting Kauai with her husband, Kulapati Satya. She has been working on a karma yoga project and helped with sales today with the tour day shopping rush.

Shanmuganathaswami greeted this group of healers from Germany who enjoying Kauai’s healing energy. They came specifically to see the Spatika Lingam, the form of Siva as the large three foot, seven hundred pound single pointed crystal which will eventually be placed in the inner sanctum of Iraivan Temple.

More Tile Work On Our Temple Walks

Kulapati Satya Palani and Kulamata Savitri Palani are here on a pilgrimage and to visit their son, Yogi Jivanandanatha.

Satya is a master craftsman tile setter and Jonathan Anderson is apprenticing under him to put tile on the rest of the walks around the temple.

First lesson: getting the mortar mix must right.

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