Bodhinatha's Mauritius Visit 2010

Bodhinatha is now on his way to Delhi having completed the mission in Mauritius. Highlights of events in Mauritius will be coming through photos in the days ahead. This trip was a great step forward for many of the sishya received initiations taking them deeper on the path of Saiva Neri. Bodhinatha’s meeting with students and the all day seminar at the Vivekananda Center also nurtured a large group along the path. The monks at Kauai Aadheenam want to thank all the members in Mauritius for their hard work and 150% dedication to make the trip such a success! Now: a report from there on some of the events.

We are sending a few photos of Bodhinatha’s activities in Mauritius. On Saturday morning Bodhinatha paid a courtesy visit to the Human Service Trust in Callebasse. Then Bodhinatha paid another visit to the Rama Krishna Mission.

Another meeting which took place in Floreal was one with trainee catalysts who are actually teaching the Saivite Hindu Religion to the youth.


Among other important points raised, Bodhinatha stressed on the need for catalysts to clearly explain to parents that the SHR class is a saivite course and to give them an orientation on saivism.

Roshan and Vandana Nathoo hosted the meeting at their residence.

Another meeting was held at another centre in the Cyber City at Ebene for active Master Course students who who have enrolled themselves to study with Bodhinatha. Many of them are about to complete their Level One and Two study of the Master Course.

The centre looks very beautiful and uplifting inside.

The group had some refreshments after the meeting.

Here is Bodhinatha in the lobby area of Sheraton Four Seasons Hotel, a few metres from the centre where the meeting with Master Course students took place.

Earlier during the day, Bodhinatha paid a courtesy visit to members of the Mauritius Tamil Federation in Moka. Several topics were raised regarding the way temples are organised in Mauritius through the federation and there were a few points raised on Saivism.

The president of the MTTF has asked Bodhinatha to sign the federation Visitors’ Book.

A photo with kulapatis and members of the federation.

Bodhinatha for a souvenir with the representative of the MTTF. In the background one can see a statue of Tiruvalluvar seated.

Sun One Homa Begins New Phase

Our phase began with homa today.


Paramacharya Palaniswami continued on the theme of “inseparability” that scientists are coming to accept through their experiments, the results of which show that that what we think of as “space between” objects is not what we think it is.

Jonathan Makes Progress on Our Walks

After a few days training and apprenticeship under Kulapati Satya Palani, Jonathan is now flying solo on the tile installation.

Never having done this work before, he is taking his time, to make sure he does a top notch job, and his work looks beautiful!

Rocket Science Consulting Helps with Computer Upgrades

Every three years we upgrade our aging computer hardware, selling off old computers and moving up to the current technology.

Normally this places a huge burden on the monks and can take several weeks of our time. This year we have hired a team of pros, Rocket Science Consulting from San Francisco, to do the job for us in just a few days.

Matt McGraw, owner, Rocket Science Consulting

Joe Russell, Mission Specialist

Aaron Gette is Flight Leader

Brandon Meixel, Mission Engineer.

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