Bodhinatha is Safe and Sound in Maryland

Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathswami report they have arrived save and sound in Maryland.

Meanwhile news from Trinidad would indicate Bodhinatha is in for a major reception there. Our Hinduism Today correspondent Paras Ramoutar who is acting as the media-communications coordinator for Bodhinatha’s visit says his lectures will be attended by Some government officials and his visit will be covered by the local newspaper and TV stations.

Our publisher Satguru Bodhinat…

Our publisher Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami will appear on Trinidad’s CNC3 TV on Thursday at 7am.

Siddhidata Kulam Hard at Work

With the water ways dry now is the time for check out the edges around the pool new the edge of the pali.

Sadhaka Nilakantha is opening up the space between the side walk and the pool edge. Underneath we are finding a lot of open spaces around the pool which is really just like a thin bowl sitting in space as erosion has removed soil from underneath it. Now is the time to fix this.

At the front of the Aadheenam we are preparing to install the new entrance. For now a deep trench and foundation has been poured and it must cure for some time before we put the heavy stone arch in place. In the meantime we are making a bridge over that area.

Sadhaka Tejadeva and Sadhaka Rajanatha are working on bamboo safety railings for this temporary installation.

Jonathan's Beautiful Slate Walks

Our young hired man, Jonathan Anderson has turned out to have a natural talent and his slate tile work on our walks looks like it has been done by an artisan with years of experience.

It is takes an artistic eye for the design, a strong body for the rigorous work and a conscientious attitude to do the right job all the way through. Every day he lays down another 20-30 square feet of tile. Great job Jonathan! Thank you for your dedication to doing the best you can do.

Bodhinatha just arrived in DC….

Bodhinatha just arrived in DC. Picked up by Vayudeva Varadan.

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