Bodhinatha in Trinidad

As we write, Bodhinatha is on his way to Guyana after a very successful mission in Trinidad. A full report on that trip will come in the days ahead.

In the meantime here are Bodhinatha’s news briefs from his last three days in Trinidad

August 20, Friday

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

Morning was a courtesy call to the Trinidad Chinmaya Mission. The young swami is Prakashananda who is from Trinidad. He is busy finishing construction in the next few days in preparation for Swami Tejomayanandaji’s program here Aug 24-29. Evening was back to the Edinburgh Hindu Temple, no talk, instead a special Siva puja conducted by Punditji with devotees assisting.

August 21, Saturday

We checked out of the Carra Suites in Claxton Bay, a courtesy call to the Ganapati Satchidananda Swami temple. It is South Indian in style. Swamiji spends two months of the year here every year. Then to the temple in the sea and continuing on to Tunapuna where the Ragoonanan temple is. Event roughly from noon to 2:30 PM. Started with a simple guru puja to me, then a Siva puja to a large Narmada lingam, my talk of about half and hour and some book signings and finally lunch.

Then we checked in at the nearby Holiday Inn Express, short rest and a visit to Ashwinee’s parents home and dinner at one of their devotee’s homes across the street from the Holiday Inn.

August 22, Sunday

This morning was our second event at the Hari Mandir Tunapuna. It began with a cultural performance that was definitely Trinidadian, a music group including Trinidad steel drums playing instrumental bhajan. They are from the Ganapati Satcidananda Swami Temple. Other cultural performances included sarod, Odissa dancing, singing. Then we gave our talk. The Minister of Education was present and included in his talk an announcement of putting Dancing with Siva, one copy each in public school libraries, believe it is primary. Dancing with Siva has a high popularity here!

Forget to mention that at this temple I am reading both talks from the iPad–a technological breakthrough. No need to print them out or have the larger computer!

Om Namasivaya,


Guyana Coordinators

In Guyana, preparations are afoot for Bodhinatha’s and Shanmuganathaswami’s arrival Monday morning. They will be guests of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha.

On the right is Vindhya Persaud is doing a beautiful job of organizing various key functions. With her in the picture are her brother and her father, Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud who fondly remembers his conversations with Gurudeva and Paramacharya Palaniswami at two Global Forums of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders on Human Survival in Oxford, England in 1985 and in Moscow in the early 90’s.

Iraivan From An Artist's Eyes

This is artists view of Iraivan temple. While the people in the picture are drawn a bit small (they would be much bigger in real life) it is a lovely depiction of the temple.

An overview of San Marga as viewed from on high as if you were to the Southwest, across the Wailua river, looking back.

A Virtual Tour

During her long visit to be with family on Kauai, Kavita Mardeemootoo was inspired to use her photographic skills to make a virtual tour of the monastery.

She shot 96 photos which follow a tour her father, Deva Seyon, guided, and later she will write a narration for it.

Following the group of some 175 visitors, Kavita captured what they were experiencing.

He plan is to eventually put this on the website, so people who cannot attend the weekly tour can do it digitally.

In the jungle.

Along the pathways.

Past the bonsais.

Through the world's fast-growing palms.

Into an ancient temple. Oops, that Iraivan, not so ancient, but looking that way from the lime that is seeping from the concrete that was poured to make the roof waterproof. It will be removed later.

Smile, everyone. You're in Paradise.

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