Carving the Karnakoodu in Bangalore

While are silpis on Kauai have returned home, work on Iraivan continues in India. Here are photos and captions from Bangalore.

A close up here of the Karna Koodu stone in progress.

The nasikoodu comes on all four sides and ‘kodi pala,” the ornamental carvings on the corners. The vacant spaces in between has carvings too. This makes it a very ornate.

The silpi is chiseling the stone to the required shape.

Silpi Iyyadurai working on the karna koodu.

Silpi Murthi working on the same set of stone.

The initial detailed carving is in progress. The left side shows carving in progress and the right side shows the guide lines marked by the supervisor so that the silpi(stone carver) can follow.

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