Publisher’s Desk Meeting

With the April issue of Hinduism Today off to press Bodhinatha called for a Publisher’s Desk meeting with the Ganapati Kulam yesterday.

Acharya, Arumugaswami, managing editor brings to table the roster of future insight sections, and features stories.

Bodhinatha shares his insights on areas he hopes the magazine can focus on for future issues. Discussions also involve an in-depth look at the educational materials we have done and still need to create. Bodhinatha himself is at the forefront of the creation of these materials, spending much of his time each day preparing presentations and then getting feedback as he travels.

Today the team focused on expanding the now famous “Ten Questions” booklet to Twenty Questions: one more in-depth question to add to the current ten and 9 more smaller ones. These creations are first launched as Insight Sections in Hinduism Today, and run in the center of the magazine where they can be “over printed” with the result being 10’s of thousands of “booklets” on the subject. These are very popular and are being ordered by the case load from our store for distribution to various communities.

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  1. Markandu says:

    Good people on earth… Blessedness…Aum

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