The Past from the Future

“It was all finished long ago,” Paramaguru Yogaswami used to say. In the inner dimensions, time flows differently. When the devas wrote the Saivite Sastras to guide the development of our budding monastery, they used an ingenious method. From 1973, they looked into the future, saw what our organization had the potential to look like in 1994, and wrote from the perspective of looking back from the future into the past. When Siva looks at a tree, he sees at once its original seed; its present state; the end of its life and all its descendants.

We decided to play a little with that concept as we tested a new photoshop plugin.

Around year 3011, these photos were found at an excavation near the ancient Iraivan temple on Kauai. Archeologists believe this is the Saiva Siddhanta monastic order from around the time of Iraivan Temple’s construction.

In the first few centuries after these photos were taken, the rate of change was vertiginous for humankind. As the rays of the Sat Siva Yuga charged the nervous system of the planet, the old collapsed and the new was established. Humans once more began to live in the higher chakras, using intuition as a faster and more reliable tool than memory or reason. The deepest mystical truths of Saivism began to be tested and found true by newly awakened souls all over the world. The inner portals that Iraivan Temple opened played a large part in the transition of yugas, its maha spathikalingam acting as a channel for massive amounts of Siva’s diamont-dust darshan to manifest, uplifting humankind, devas and nature alike.

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  1. esan says:

    an overused phrase, to be sure, but all i can say is “wow, what inspiration!”

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