Nandi Mandapam Carving Update from Bangalore

Our Nandi Mandapam is highly ornate. For those who have been to temples in places like Courtallam, we aspire to come close to these exquisite carvings.

Kulapati Jiva Rajasankara sends this update today.

Here are photos taken during Selvanathan Sthapati’s visit to Bangalore.

The sunshade is being marked so that ornamental carvings can begin.

See the details as to how original markings are drawn with charcoal and then inked with red oxide.

One may wonder why they are using charcoal like pencil. It is simple. When a wrong line is drawn, you just have to tap your hand twice and the markings are gone. Your hand is an “eraser.”

You can see in detail how measurements are taken using a thin bamboo stick. No rulers are required.

Using the same procedure the entire sunshade will be marked and carving will begin.

Stiff paper stencils are also used in the process.

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