Satsang at Adi Sankara's home in Mauritius on 7 April 2011

Anjeeni Devi (host) gave her testimony about "seeing Siva in everyone".

We felt so much joy to host the satsang in our home.Jai our Paramagurus ! Jai our Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Explanation of our Trilogy is an essential part of our satsang. Here Kulapathi Manon talked about a lesson in MWS.

After the Padapuja,everyone present experienced a powerful magnetic Homa with the "Dancing Mayil Fire".

Little Omvathi and Vennila in a happy mood throughout the satsang…

Brahmachari Vel mahalingum performed tha "silent" Padapuja.

We all sung beautifully our Natchintanai songs which are real gems…

After partaking a nice meals,our men continued discussing about the progress and upliftment of our Spiritual park.

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