Blessings of Water from Heaven

This morning the Aadheenam was engulfed in a short but intense downpour from a flash thunderstorm coming over Mount Waialeale. Here we see the top of the mountain: this is thought to be this rainiest spot on earth with the highest level of rainfall measured anywhere. After the rains go roaring through the mountain drains and we see dozens of waterfalls in the distance.

We are reminded of the classic image of Ganga falling onto the earth, Her torrential power was eased by falling through Lord Siva hair before reaching us, as the magical grace which is Water.

After living here for nearly 40 years, the Wailua river in high spate is still a breath-taking awesome sight. Countless gallons of water and all manner of organic debris rush along with a great power… on the way to the Pacific, just like the myriad of souls are rolling on and on toward their inevitable destiny in the ocean of Satchidananda.

One Response to “Blessings of Water from Heaven”

  1. David Lippmann says:

    Absolutely fantastic photos!!!!
    Amazing, consistent clarity, uncompromisingly vast “vista views”.
    In the far future, whenever people look up the word “perfection”, in the dictionary, they will see the following four letters……T.A.K.A

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