Marvels from the Big Island

Indefatigable transcriber of Gurudeva’s and Bodhinatha’s audio discourses, Hitesvara Saravan, sends this image from his garden on the Big Island of Hawaii. He writes:

“Here is a ‘Fuzzy’ Heliconia Regalis, Barnum and Bailey unfolding today in our Summa Iru Walking Meditation gardens.”

2 Responses to “Marvels from the Big Island”

  1. Mindy says:

    With such beauty as that in the world, how can one say there is no God?

  2. N.C.Nachiappan says:

    This is fine. Indeed, it is awesome. Also, I saw the picture of the Bodhi tree, the offshoot of the Original Bodhi tree of the Buddha. When I visited Kauai kadavul Temple in 1994 for Mahasivarathri, I saw a number of banyan trees also, even though the leaves looked a bit different from the ones in India. Yet, it was a grand sight. In Tamil culture, trees are the natural temples,and the oldest fully-grown mediums used by the Divine beings to commune with the physical world.During my 1994 visit, one of the Malaysian priests {or the only Malaysian priest at that time}, told me that they were trying to grow Bilva tree also, but it was difficult.

    Anyhow, of all the trees sacred to Lord Siva, KONRAI comes first. Your church literature talks about the Konrai tree, and its importance to Siva. Indeed, of all the trees I have seen in my life, a Konrai tree in full bloom { around March end to June end} is the most beautiful sight on earth, and nothing else would even qualify as a rival.No doubt,Rudraksha and Bilva are important , but they stand behind Konrai. The Yellow flowers of the Konrai are such a grand and unique sight and a marvelous feast to the eyes and the mind.Blessed are those who have been blessed with the Darshan of a Konrai tree in full bloom, with full knowledge and recognition of what they are seeing and enjoying.

    Now, I hope you do have some Konrai trees in your church territory.If you do, it would be good idea to post some pictures in the website at the time of its blossom season for all to view, enjoy and benefit. In case you don’t have any as of now, it would be good to plant and grow some at the earliest.I did not remember seeing any Konrai tree during my 1994 visit,but I did not tour the vast territory of your church fully. It may have been there in a secluded place in your vast jungle garden.I have not seen any pictures of Konrai tree postings in your website so far. Of course, I may have overlooked also. I am glad your Rudraksha forest is doing well. There was even a fully grown Rudraksha tree at the Honolulu airport at the time of my visit in 1994.

    In any event, your website and face book postings look good and benefit readers all over the world. Keep up good work. May Lord Ganesha bless your work with more success, abundance and completion. September 11, 2011.

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