Monastery Hosts Hawaii Legislators

Today the monastery hosted a delegation from the Hawaii State Legislature’s House Committee on Finance. They were on Kauai to meet with the community on various state projects. At the right in the yellow and green shirt is Committee Chair Marcus Oshiro. Also in attendance were Rep. Pono Chong, Rep. Isaac Choy, Rep. Ty Cullen, Rep. Sharon Har, Rep Gil Riviere and Rep. Kyle Yamashita of the finance committee and Kauai’s delegation to the State House, Rep. Jimmy Tokioka and Rep. Derek Kawakami.

East Kauai Water Cooperative (EKWUC ) members: Jerry Ornelles, president; Tony Branco, manager; Les Milnes, board member and field manager; Rev. Katir, Coop member

Kauai Economic Development Board: Susan Tai Kaneko

1. Quick history and overview of the East Kauai irrigation system
2. Summary of EKWUC Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) expenditures to date
3. Presentation of 2011-2012 CIP requests
4. Questions for EKWUC
5. KEDB presentation
6. Questions for KEDB

Jerry Ornellas, president of the East Kauai Water Users Cooperative gave a brief presentation on the Coop, in particular the use of funds provided by the legislature for the upgrade of the system (which is owned by the State and run by the Coop). After the meeting, they all went out to Iraivan temple for a tour.

Saiva Siddhanta Church is involved in these proceedings because the water that flows through the San Marga land and Kauai Aadheenam all come from the Wailua Reservoir. The long term viability and sustainablity of Kauai’s irrigation systems are mission critical to the future of farming, the environment and the health and well-being of the whole island. In keeping with Gurudeva’s policy of being good citizens of our island we contribute through active participation as one member of the East Kauai Water Users Cooperative, which is formed by users of water on the irrigation/river system in our area.

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