Mastering the Flow of Water

Years ago, Gurudeva gave each of the kulams at the monastery affirmations for their sivathondu. Water is life’s most precious natural resource and the Siddhidata Kulam (SK) is charged to take care of the stream the flows through the Aadheenam from the Wailua Reservoir just one mile north of San Marga. The Wailua reservoir is still under repair and the SK continues to use this opportunity while the stream is dry to make improvements.

Today the Siddhidata Kulam is working on an emergency water management system for what we call “Narmada Stream.”

Excess water from extremely heavy rains , added to the normal water flow of the stream, can threaten the integrity of the walls of the waterway and contribute to flooding at the Aadheenam itself. A sluice gate is being installed on the stream bank just below Muruga Hill out on San Marga, to handle this problem. This gate is place just a short distance from where the stream enters our property. Here you can see Sadhaka Rajanatha working on the base of the sluice-way. During heavy rains the we can open the gate and let water that would normally continue on to damage the fragile banks of the stream or flood the aadheenam, run down to the lower ponds by Iraivan and from there to the Wailua River.

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