Wailua Mission Natchintanai/Bhajan Satsang


Twice a month Sivakatirswami meets with the members of the Wailua Mission to practice Natchintanai, perfect and learn new bhajans and be a “beta” test group for the things we want to teach in future Saiva Hindu Religion classes: chants, bhajans, Natchintanai, Tirumurai. It is a wonderful “bhakti break” for everyone as our members work very hard and Swami also likes to get away from the computer to “Sing to the Gods.”

Today we had the pleasure of following along with the songs recorded by Mrs. Mardemootoo while she was here on pilgrimage. Thank you, Selvon!

Stay tuned as these and other recordings from the Natchintanai Workshop in Mauritius will be coming to our web site soon.

Here we are sending all of Kadavul’s good energy out to everyone around the world and especially to our counter part singing satsang/classes in Mauritius and Malaysia. Swami’s goal is to encourage and enable everyone to have the courage to lead and to be to follow Yogaswami’s dictum “Sing until you melt the very stones!”

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  1. adi sankara says:

    AUMSIVAYA EVERYONE THERE ! Glad to hear you all are doing very well in the natchintanai classes. One tip to sing better with “pakka” sruti, for all of you, is to practice ,if possible, daily the “saptaswaras” (sa ri ga ma pa da ni)with long voyel prolongation. One may starts with singing lets say “saaaaaaaa…” for 15 secs, then increase to 30 secs and so on. Then try “riiiiiiiiiii…” till the last “swara”. Try and see the difference ! Aum.

  2. Himalayan Academy says:

    Thanks for the tip Adi… I have been wanting include in each session at least 15 minutes of “sangeetam practice” but I was not sure what to do… we will try out this idea. Many do not have strong voices and we need to make every one BREATH DEEP THEN SING. So this practice will help. — Sivakatirswami

  3. Nalini says:

    yay!!! SO great!! Wish I was there !!

    Looking forward to this new added gem to the already abundant Himalayan academy website! I hope to contribute a bhajan or 2 to it as well!!
    Jai Ganapati!

  4. Nalini says:

    Great tip Adi!! Its very helpful to do the sangeetam practice for any level of singing.
    Jai Ganapati!

  5. Ushadevi says:

    Looking forward to seeing a link to practice the songs with when they are available!

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