Sun Three

Today the Siddhidata Kulam shared their news. The gardens continue to provide us with lots of fruit and the winter vegetable crops are starting to come in.

One of the big innovations for the kulam has been the installation and configuration of a professional software program for enterprise maintenance. Yoginathaswami has installed this on his own machine as a server and the rest of his team and all the monks can access the program. It is capable of tracking every machine, every vehicle, all our electrical systems and plumbing (sinks showers, bathrooms) in all the buildings. It is quite sophisticated and will be a huge boon for the team that takes care of our total physical infrastructure at Kauai Aadheenam/Iraivan temple.

For example, our fleet (only part of what the Siddhidata Kulam cares for:) one Guru Car (Prius), one Van, one pickup truck, four Kawasaki “mules”, John Deere tractor, Caterpillar skid steer — All these vehicles can be tracked and scheduled for maintenance over time with links to parts vendors and service contacts and accounting for expenses accrued to help analyze costs over time for any given asset. A big leap forward for the SK.

Silver Vel Satsang

In the Bethesda area, near Washington D.C. a group of Hindus are studying Gurudeva’s teachings with Bodhinatha’s guidance. They receive materials from the Aadheenam for their studies.

One of the satsang members writes: “The Silver Vel Satsang is an organization based in the Washington metropolitan area dedicated to sharing and spreading Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s (Gurudeva’s) teachings. In addition, the Satsang is currently working on several fundraising projects for the temple.”

Here the Silver Vel Satsang devotees are reading the Inspired Talk on “The Spiritual Perspective of Work” that Satguru Bodhinatha sent to the Silver Vel Satsang before a group discussion.

Group Picture of the Silver Vel Satsang (left to right, bottom row, Usha Satish, Satish Krishnamurthy, Vayudeva Varadhan, Nigel Siva, top row, Inpah Siva, Akhila Satish, Bulbul Gidwani, Chaturbhuj Gidwani, Henri Hoezoo)

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