Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-02-05

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Sun Two

Bodhinatha is with the students in Texas, we suspect they are out of internet range at the moment. But we understand they are having a wonderful retreat.

At home we are having beautiful cool clear “winter days.” Oh! temperatures dropped to 55 last night! And some of us have to wear socks now it is so cold in the morning.

Sadhaka Rajanatha’s Bougainvillea Bonsai burst into bloom recently.

On the mission front the Pillaiyar Kulam gave their report today. Siddhanathaswami described the long process of preparing items recently imported from India for sale in the Minimela. They have some marvelous offerings coming on line soon.

The Ganapati Kulam has completed the editorial work on Hinduism Today and Sivakatirswami is now preparing the job for shipping to the printer. It’s another amazing issue, this one is full of “humanity” with so many people stories. Coming to you soon.

And, a new innovation: we are offering the magazine as an eBook. You can see the previous edition here:

Siva’s Five Faces of Grace

Seeing the Amsterdam artist's new paintings on TAKA last week, a CyberCadet in India wrote this little ode: You flow through the brush You flow through the words You flow through chisel and stone Constantly You draw us closer to Source nearer to Home, to YOU! Faces five or None You are Beauty-full Dancing or still You are Wonder-full Water or Fire, Earth or Air Or even the full and empty Space You are All, the all in All Who constantly draws us Closer to Source Nearer to Home, to You! Soothing is the light of Your Presence Comforting the power of Your Grace Empowering -- sometimes overpowering! - is the force of Your Energy Abundant is the life in Your Breath Utterly unconditional is compassion in Your Love! O! Lord of my heart Draw me close Closer to Source Nearer to Home, to You! Aum Namah Sivaya!

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