New on TAKA: Video Upadeshas by Bodhinatha

Riding on the high-tech beam of the latest technology, we are testing something new: posting videos of Bodhinatha’s Sun 1 upadeshas, those that he gives to a small and blessed audience by the homa fire.

It used to be that those in search of the guru’s precious words, words which, our scriptures say, are worth more than gold, had to travel far and wide, for weeks or months, until they reached a faraway mountain or a monumental temple. Times have changed, but the teachings have not. Make a pilgrimage to the lotus of your heart, let go of the clamor of the world, prepare yourself for a moment. Then listen to Bodhinatha’s words, and by seeing him externally, you will connect with him internally — for, as he reminds us, the inner and the outer are two aspects of the same being.

Our traditional audio, more polished than the video version, will be posted normally along with its transcript. There will be improvements on the video quality in the weeks to come, but we would love to know what you think of this new idea. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Jai to Bodhinatha, jai to the Kailasa Parampara.

Big Server Upgrade at the Aadheenam

Brandon Carter Meixel from Rocket Science Consulting has flown in from San Franscisco to install our new RAID storage system on “Varuna,” the Aadheenam’s main onsite server for file sharing and many other IT operations within the monastery. The upgrade brings eight terabytes of online storage space plus eighteen terabytes of space for our backup system. He’s having lunch with Senthilnathaswami, who is overseeing his work. Initial installation was successful and data migration from our old RAID storage to the new is in progress, to continue through the night.

After lunch, Senthilnathaswami took our intrepid engineer for a tour of the property. Brandon assembled this photo on his iPhone using an app called Diptic, and tweeted: “Today a monk took a picture of me hanging out in nature wearing city garb. I took a picture of him in monk garb in front of a solar panel.”

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