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Sun One Homa

Summer is here and the sun is already up as we approach the temple for our Sun One homa. Nandi sits absolutely still, majestic, with 100% unwavering focus on Lord Nataraja.

Inside the homa begins.

Gurudeva had a close relationship with Lord Hanuman who is mystically connected with the Iraivan temple. Hanuman always joins us for the homa.

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami presides in Bodhinatha’s absence.

Many prayers are burned.

Lord Agni, the Divine Messenger is the portal between worlds.

Yesterday was our monthly “Iraivan Day.” Each Iraivan day a team of monks gathers to put the newsletter into envelopes for contributors all over the world. Today the mailing is blessed at the homa. This was Gurudeva’s guidance for the monks to put their own prana into each mailing and then get blessings in the temple so that the mail would carry carrying the shakti to lands far and wide.

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami told everyone about further developments for the future of the Iraivan temple perimeter wall and then gave a wonderful talk on what it means to take a spiritual gift from the Guru-- his words of truth-- and to actually integrate these into our beings as ourselves and not simply to nod and respond intellectually, saying “Oh how nice and how profound.”

A Tour of Iraivan with Yoginathaswami (2010)

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