Bodhinatha- Satsang in Malaysia, Puvana Receives Initiation

Bodhinatha had a more meetings with devotees yesterday and then an evening Satsang in Kajang at Bala Devado’s home with Malaysian members. Puvana Murugesu took her vishesha diksha vows.

Siva Darshanam Work Renewed

With Kulapati Deva Rajan back, work is continuing on the Siva Darshanam outdoor display. Our Siddhidata Kulam jumps into help but setting up scaffolding yesterday to support his work on the roofs.

Today the roofs were picked up from near by the shop at the Aadheenam and taken out to San Marga.

Brahmachari Mayuran walks along to make sure the roofs are stable.

Stay tuned for more episodes of from the exciting story of “Siva Darshanam Manifestation,” the long planned and continued effort to bring life to Gurudeva’s vision that was the source of Iraivan temple.

Lotus Emerges!

Though our stream has had no water from the reservoir for nearly a year, with rain and run off the stream beds are quite moist. Happily there is enough water to support the birth of one of the lotuses whose roots lie dormant in the mud.

This carpenter bee is happy too, about to load up on the pollen to take back to her babies in some hole she bored deep into a tree or into the side of our buildings.

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