Suttur Mutt Event, Jan 20 (continued)

The second full day at Suttur Mutt was extraordinary. Here are some more photos of the events described in previous TAKA posts.

The utsava murti was paraded in the morning. The parade included floats and musicians hard to beat. New York's labor day parade? Venice's carnival? Rio? No, Suttur is much more cool.

In the afternoon, Paramacharya Palaniswami gave a rousing speech and announced the Indian edition to an attentive crowd from the stage, maybe two thousand people. He wove into his speech kavi cloth and iPads, the past and the future, East and West. We were honored boy our hosts. The public, so open and friendly, was also intrigued. After the event people began to follow paramacharya around, just to ask questions.

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  1. jivanatha das says:

    mahadeva ki jai!

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