Visitors from Fiji and Toronto

Vel Alahan hosted two familes today. On the right Mylvaganam Kathirgamanathan (he calls himself Kathirgamanathan) and his wife Sarathadevi are from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, now living in Toronto, Canada. Kathirgamanathan is a surgeon and attending a conference on Kauai. He has memories of the days when Siva Yogaswami was alive. In fact his whole family were devotees of St Yogaswami.

On the left The family from Queensland, Australia originally from Fiji: Priya Ayesha Sinh (daughter), Mrs. Sushila Sinh, Ravi Sinh (son), Vinod Sinh (father). They follow the Aadheenam closely on line and are donors of the gilding of Iraivan Temple.

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