Another Swami Receives a New Natha Name: Brahmanathaswami

As mentioned in our announcement last November

“A few of the swamis are taking new names. Eventually, all of the monastics will have the word "natha" in their name, denoting we are all of the Nandinatha Sampradaya. This is a similar tradition as in other orders, where "ananda" or "das" is appended to a swami's name.”

Sivakatirswami (“Katirswami”) is now:


5 Responses to “Another Swami Receives a New Natha Name: Brahmanathaswami”

  1. Chandrika Shanti says:

    How wonderful! Beautiful soul, beautiful name, beautiful Sampradaya!

    Jai Brahmanathaswami!

    Aum Namasivaya

  2. Amma Debora says:

    Dear son, always smiling, so competent, passionate and dedicated to the cybernetic tools of the Monastery, please receive a very caring and respectful hug from Amma Debora, and my congratulations on your new name, dear Brahmanathaswami!

  3. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Congratulations dear Swami!Thank you for the Putthaandu Vaazh(L)tthukkal.

    May I wish Happy Tamil New Year to ALL at the Aadheenam “Happy Nandhana New Year”to all you lovely people.Thank you to Satguru Bodhinathaswami & everyone for the great services rendered to us, your devotees.

    Aum Namasivaya

  4. Anjali says:

    Congratulations, Swamiji! Such a beautiful new name. Jai Brahmanathaswami!!

  5. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Aum Sivaya Swamiji,

    I am a little late with my Congrats. Brahmanathaswamiji!! A wonderful name and it is exactly YOU. I really like it.You are for me, Our “no nonsence down to earth spiritual warrior who raises our spirits and gives encouragement” . Aum Shanti.

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