Dandapani in the Garden

At Kauai Aadheenam during our last retreat the Dandapani mound in Siva's Garden was taken apart in preparation for a major overhaul. It had grown dense and needing of resuscitation, as life often is. Sadasivanathaswami was supported by Tandu Sivanathan and Vel Alahan, and the three of them removed all but a few of the plants, getting it ready for new gems.

The mound holds a four-foot-tall Dandapani which came from India in 2006. His name means "One who holds the renunciate's staff, or danda."

He is the deity we draw close to when we wish to meditate, when we want to let go of some small (or large) part of our worldliness, when we are in need of healing, when we wish to undertake special penances and yogas.

At Palani Hills this song is sung to Dandapani:

O Lord of Palani Hill!
O Dandapani!
O Karttikeya, O Muruga!
Salutations unto Thee.

Thou art the younger brother of Ganesha.
The six Krittika Devis nursed you
Thus are you named Karttikeya.
Thou art Nirguna Brahman.
Thou art Siva's sparks of Light Divine,
Thou art the great General
Of Celestial forces,
Thou art the Destroyer
Of Tarakasura and Simhamukha.
Surapadma became Thy vehicle and flag.

Come, O come, Lord Subrahmanya
You blessed Arunagiri.
Now Bless me, O Skanda,
I am Thine, all is Thine my Lord!

The murthi was freshly oiled, awaiting his new forested surroundings that will slowly unfold in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Jutikadevi says:

    Haro Hara!

    This is a nice spot tp meditate~

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