October Chitra Puja

Gurudeva had a powerful presence at this months Chitra Puja. Jai to our beloved Gurudeva.

Arrival of Saiva Agamas in Toronto

A hard-drive of the Saiva Agamas photographed from the archives of the French Pondicherry Institute, which was an arduous task, arrived in Toronto, with the blessings of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. The time consuming (18 hours to copy the digitized photos) task of copying the files to this drive was kindly undertaken by Yoginathaswami of Kauai Aadheenam.

This gem containing over a million Saiva Agama photos, was made available for worship, by Rishi Thondunathan, at Sivayoga Swami poojas celebrated on october 13 at Thiruvadi Nilayam, and the next morning at Thooya Bakthar's Sangamam hall and later-on in the evening, presented to Dr.Lambotharan, at a celebration, in the presence of a large congregation of youth and elders, with a short talk by Dr. Shan Shanmugavadivel (president of world Saiva Council, Canada), Rishi Thondunathan and recital of Agama, by Sri Kanthaswami Kurukkal (who has conducted poojas at Kauai's Kadavul temple, and very close to Sri Pitchchai Kurukkal) and his assistant who studied Agamas.

The importance and value of the Agamas were explained by the speakers including another Kurukkal from Nallur, and Rishi spoke of the hurdles faced and difficulties in obtaining permission from the french govt, which task was successfully carried-out by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, culminating in the digitalizing, with most modern equipment, the length of time consumed of over two years. Four hard working Indian youth were hired, to do the copying of the decaying and fragile ola leaves and other manuscripts

All the devotees were mesmerized, lined-up to touch the auspicious, sacred and secret, holy Saivite gem !!!

Lambotharan and his wife who are practicing physicians, are dedicated Saivites, conducting weekly classes for both young and not so young, take time to ensure and direct the youth, on the true Saivite path of non-violence, obedience, respect and service.

Dr. Lambotharan has written many books, including a book on the resurgence of Agamas.

He has made many religious trips to india, having met and blessed by yogis, and now ready to take the task of studying and transmitting the sacred Agamas, to enable the average devotee, to understand and appreciate our religion.

We are humbled by the foresight of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, in saving the Agamas,

October 16th Homa

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