All New Himalayan Academy Web Site

We are proud to announce the release of the new website. We want to thank every one for all their support these past two years -- the time it has taken to build the site and all the resources that it encompasses.

32 Responses to “All New Himalayan Academy Web Site”

  1. admin says:

    This is so amazing. We love the new site. Thank you!

  2. Ganga says:

    Congratulations on the launch of the new site. It is wonderful! Thank you for your months of work and creative energy to bring this to fruition. Jai Gurudeva!

  3. Niraj says:

    Jai Ganesha! Infinite thank you’s and congratulations for the commitment, dedication, dynamism, and creativity in manifesting this beyond brilliant portal. Aum Namah Shivaya

  4. Majid Buell says:

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  5. Owen Hymn says:

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  6. Niraj Aum Namah Shivaya says:

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  7. Nalini Ganapati says:

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  8. Padmaja Patel says:

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  9. Purany Ponniah says:

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  10. Dana Dohmann Russell says:

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  11. Sheela says:

    AMAZing … So rich, so elegant!! A biggg thank-you to ALL who put their energy into this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Aum AUM

  12. Tirunavokarasan Manickam says:

    Congratulations for the hard work & creativity. I indeed find it interesting and informative. Thanks once again.

  13. Ripla Malhotra says:

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  14. Lauren Bronikowski Vasquez says:

    It’s fabulous!

  15. Eleni Cannon says:

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  16. Madu Medi says:

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  17. pethuraja says:

    “AUM SIVAYA”!.

  18. ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Amazing! Refreshing ! Rejuvenating ! TAKA is superb! TQ to those involved in this project!

  19. Silvia Morano says:

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  20. Uma Ganapati says:

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  21. Jigisha Patel says:

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  22. Devi Marks says:

    How beautifully artistic is this new web site. I love the art work and look forward to exploring it. For all that you do for the world and for us I thank you. Aum Namasivaya Devi

  23. Lynda McClanahan says:

    Lovely. Well done!

  24. Sadhunathan Nadesan says:

    Well done! It’s top drawer. We can only imagine the long hours of dedicated loving labor and careful thought that went into this launch, but we can admire and appreciate the effort. Mahalo, nandri, and moolingshum.

  25. Sahana Param says:

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  26. Dohadeva Samugam says:

    The website looks great, easy and a treasure trove of religious and spiritual development site. Thank you.

    Aum Sivaya

  27. Dora Kovacs says:

    What a beautiful site. Thank you for all the hard work that made it happen!

  28. Sivakumar Saravan says:

    Aum Sivaya,

    Absolutely amazing!! The e-pubs are my favourite. I wasted no time in downloading a few of the precious books. I also feel that the new site is much more user friendly for using the resources to teach children. Many many thanks to all the Monks. Aum.

  29. Satyananda Ale Jano says:

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  30. Sarasvathi Visualingam says:

    Thank you .Really very attractive and informative in every way. The ones behind all this have brainpower and brainwaive in their dedication to give us the best.
    Is the Daily Lesson also included? I couldn’t access it.Please help.

  31. Sarasvathi Visualingam says:


  32. Sarasvathi Visualingam says:

    I’ve found the Daily Master Course Lesson. It’s right beneath in the comments here. Mahalo !!!

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