Happy 2nd Day of Pancha Ganapati!

Lord Ganesha's second shakti is the same feeling as the first but extended to relatives, neighbors and friends, all who are part of the extended family. This is more difficult to hold, as inharmonious conditions often arise. These are called asuric forces, which come between people, causing misunderstanding and upsets. Through prayers and through worship, the first shakti can be extended beyond the circumference of the immediate family to include acquaintances, relatives and friends. When this vibration of harmony is felt, all the power of the Lord is with you, as the first shakti and the second shakti merge they bring, in abundance, an onrush of the third shakti.

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  1. Sheela Moothoosawmy says:

    yhnx wish all of u a very happy pancha ganapati. May lord ganesha bless us all.

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