Into the Desert

In their recent travels Sadasivanathaswami and Senthilnathaswami flew from Toronto to Tucson, Arizona, there to spend the day with Jim Levin and Natalie Cederquist. They have been close to Gurudeva and the monastery for many, many years.

"The day was by far the most profound of the eleven days spent on the Very Big Island. Discussions centered on consciousness, on Gurudeva's living presence in all of our lives, on mystic tales and visions, on the subtle sciences of health and the perfection in all things. Hardly did we venture into what one could call normal conversation. There was puja performed, and chants offered, silence invited, goodness revealed, a birthday cake for Jim and food for the meandering monks.

Then, at dawn on the day we left, Jim suggested we three take a walk in the nearby hills, up to Bear Canyon, and so off we went for a blissful trek through the cactus and sand. We even saw four deer, just 50 feet away, ignoring us as they munched on green things. Oh, yes, and a rabbit. If we were rabbits, this is where we would want to live!"

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