Priests at Kauai Aadheenam Wrap Kumbhas

Sivacharyar Kumar Naganathan and Sivacharyar Baranitharan Kumarasamy Kurukkal are here to perform Mahasamadhi rites. Besides chanting impeccable Sanskrit and having a full knowledge of all the ritual actions, the priests have many other skills related to the temple and Agamic ceremonies. Here they are doing the traditional kumbha wrapping with colorful yarn. It's a challenging skill and Yoginathaswami tries to follow along.

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  1. Nalini Ganapati says:

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  2. Greg Rogers says:

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  3. Usha Katir says:

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  4. Mani Visakan says:

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  5. Purany Ponniah says:

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  6. Thillaiampalam Sivayogapathy, Toronto. says:

    Ganapathi Thunnai!
    Aum Namasivaya!
    Jai Yogaswami! Jai Gurudeva!
    We are very much pleased to observe that, Our Beloved GURUDEVA’s
    12th Mahasamadhi Puja Celebrations are in progress, at the Kauai
    Saiva Sidhantha Aashramam; Especially to see the Very Vibrant
    Srilasri Parani Kurukal is already in action, who is very well trained by Siva Sri PITCHAI Kurukal, of PILLAYAR PATTI, Tamil Nadu, South India, based on absolute principles of SAIVA AGAMAS !!! GREAT!
    In fact, Sri PARANI Kurukal is a CHAMPION in chanting ALL Manthrams & Vethas! It is a real treat to listen to him!!!
    Our Sincere Prayers & Best Wishes for a Grand / Great Success of
    GURUDEVA’s Special Annual Pujas! Aum Siva! Siva!

    Sivathondan Nilayam, Toronto is now making all preparations,
    to Observe, our Beloved GURUDEVA’s 12th Mahasamadhi Celebrations, on the 03rd Nov.(Sunday), evening, at “THIRUVADI NILAYAM”, Scarborough. My Humble Sponsoring is there, for
    the Great Event! Aum Siva! Siva!.
    Aum Shanthi!

  7. Lakshri K Ganeswaran says:

    So pretty!

  8. Rema Devi Balakrishnan says:

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