Midland Interfaith Event Video

On April 17, 2013, one Hindu (our own Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami), one Jew, three Christians and one Muslim sat together to answer questions submitted by the panelists themselves before an audience of mixed faiths at St. Nicholas’ Episcopal Church in Midland, Texas. This was the third such interfaith panel held in the Permian Basin. The questions were:
1. “How do you think your faith tradition supports a pluralistic society?”
2. “Do you believe in the resurrection of the dead? If so, what preparations should we make?”
3. “If a young person were to come to you, struggling with issues of sexual orientation, what would you say to this person and why?”
4. “Is it important or necessary for God to authorize mankind to act on His behalf? If so, how does He authorize mankind?”
5. “What basic step can our faith communities take to serve our neighbors, near and far, in a world filled with conflict?”
The event was tremendously successful. Watch it below.

Milling a Mango Desk

Today the swamis are milling a massive desk for the Media Studio. It is being milled a full five inches thick, but what is truly special is that it is the mango tree that was felled (regrettably) last month. So the tree will have a new destiny inside the building that it shaded for 54 years.
The wood is extraordinary, with a dramatic black and brown vein of heartwood surrounded by pink and beige tones, which have a curly texture throughout. When finished this will be a gem. 

Twitter Update: Bodhinatha wishes everyone Happy Ram Navami from t…

Bodhinatha wishes everyone Happy Ram Navami from the home of Suresh, Kalpana, Smriti and Vivek Prasad in Odessa, TX http://t.co/GiZXUDgtnk BIVm4diCUAA2Cqp

April Mauritius Spiritual Park Homa

Click here for report and photos of our April Ganesha Homa

Twitter Update: Satsang at the home of our Church members, Mrunal…

Satsang at the home of our Church members, Mrunal and Padmaja Patel, in Midland, Texas http://t.co/RybTp5XN9i BIT4JQ-CIAA_GG_

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