Trinidad Workshop

Kashika Publications, which is responsible for distributing Hinduism Today and Himalayan Academy Publications in Trinidad & Tobago, hosted a two-day workshop at the National Council of Indian Culture's Divali Nagar facility, led by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami last weekend.

If one thing became evident during the weekend's 10 hours of classes, it was that Gurudeva's visit during the 2000 Caribbean Innersearch enlivened this tropical island's Hindu community, gave them permission to be proud of their heritage and faith and activated their interest in learning more about how to apply Hindu principles in their lives. Since then, Ashwinee has gathered around her a marvelous group of sevaks. A dynamic mission for the spreading of the monastery's educational materials not only in Trinidad & Tobago but throughout the Caribbean exists here as a result. It is truly something special. This was Bodhinatha's third visit in the past five years, and his support has been equally important to sustaining the momentum.

As one attended put it in the local language, "Wit' Bodhinatha's trick presentation style, de' Hindus in Trinidad are understandin' deir religion, mon!"

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  6. Toshadevi Nataraj says:

    Jai Satguru Bodhinatha! Wonderful to see the Caribbean Hindus showing support and also enjoying the Holy Presence of a True realized being our Own Dear Guru Bodhinathaji. Jai Ganapati we are all coming home to the Sanatana Dharma.Heart felt thanks to all who made this possible in Trinidad and from the Kauai Hindu Monastery.Aum Shanti

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  8. Julie Pedersen says:

    So happy that this 2 day conference happened and just wish I could have been in the crowd.

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