Garden Produce

We keep a record of the weight of our garden harvests and how much we use. Our daily monastic consumption of vegetables has been increasing while the consumption of rice and other starches and carbohydrates has decreased. We find that often people who eat a lot of processed food and starches will not appreciate the taste of the vegetables, but as they switch over to eating fresh vegetables the more they discover and appreciate the rich taste.

This Day's Harvest:
Swiss chard 16 lbs
Green beans 16 lbs
Chaote 39 lbs
Purple long eggplant 48
White eggplant 9
Luffa gourds 8
Kang kong  6 lbs
Pakwan 9 lbs
Broccoli 2 lbs
Cabbage 10 lbs

One Response to “Garden Produce”

  1. vanita says:

    Congratulations! It is always rewarding to consume food from your own veggie patch!
    Recently, I’m struggling with brinjal fruit and shoot borer in my garden. I’m looking for organic ways to deter them but couldn’t find any. I’m wondering how Adheenam manage to harvest beautiful brinjals. Any advise will be of great help.

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